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Dear Team, Foodbank-Coimbatore serves the downtrodden with food and are committed to eradicate poverty and to create hunger-free nation. On the occasion of World food day today, Food bank Coimbatore has conducted a Massive Food drive of serving 1000 food packets to the needy by 10am @VOC park, as well an awareness program yesterday evening in Brookefields mall, Coimbatore. As part of the event, we are intending to spread message on the following theme through Country art, Key Themes: - Hunger free nation and Food sharing - Importance of Healthy food (including organic food and heritage food) - Urban farming/roof top farming (it is important to address climate change as locally produced food avoids emissions from transportation, roof top farming produces organic food which Is healthy) Following Country arts were performed to convey message/spread awareness on the above themes, - Paraiaattam - Gramiyapaatu - Oyilaattam - Karagam - Street play, etc In-between we presented our short film (Foodbank theme based one) and launched our website based on the time adjustments. Hope our Alumnis will help this social cause by sponsoring on the country art in-turn help us make a Hunger Free Nation, as we have to pay them Rs 11,400/= by tomorrow. Our Facebook links, Food Bank Coimbatore link: s/1152727148089065/ WorldFoodday Page: ood-Day2016-Food-Bank-Coimb…/… Thank you very much!

Abdul Basith Farook

2011 | B.E Mechanical Engineering

16 Oct'2016



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