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About Us

KCT Alumni Relations is an important arm of Kumaraguru College of Technology (KCT). It plays a vital role as an interface between KCT and its important stakeholder, passed-out students, alumni. It is managed by  Mr.N.Sooriya Pragash and team Mr.R.Sundar, Ms.K.S.Soundhariya & Ms.S.Nithya in smooth conduct of the following activities, not limited to:

  1. Single Point of Contact for the alumni to interact with the KCT for any favor.
  2. Organize alumni reunions such as Global Alumni Meet every two years, Silver Jubilee, 5/10 year alumni anniversaries events every year in the month of July.
  3. Organize & identify KCT luminaries and showcase their contributions, through a Coffee Table Meet, two years once.
  4. Invite alumni to KCT for delivering technical sessions, guest lectures, mentoring students …
  5. Facilitate our alumni to sponsor or provide aid for the eligible KCT students.
  6. Create alumni chapters to carry out societal events by taking advantage of the local population, geographically.
  7. Interface for the KCT students to take-up internship/project works, globally through our alumni, settled abroad.
  8. Identify the areas where KCT faculty members can deliver training to alumni of need basis.
  9. Facilitate the creation of Centre of Excellence in specific domains through our alumni experts and entrepreneurs

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