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Alumni Chapters

Alumni Chapters

Alumni Chapter Responsibilities

Running a Alumni Chapter with the KCT Alumni Association (KCTAA) is a big responsibility and requires the efforts of multiple board members working together to be truly successful. The following responsibilities are the minimum expectations from KCTAA for an alumni chapter to maintain. Chapter Board members are renewed annually (in march) as long as the alumni chapter has fulfilled its responsibilities for the previous year.

Board Members and Board Structure

  • Primary contact person and three board members must be KCT alumni – minimum expectation.
  • Maintain the minimum bylaws provided by KCT Alumni association manual.
  • Regular elections for all chapter leadership and board member positions – as defined in bylaws.
  • All board members must be responsive to inquiries from interested alumni, staff, and students.
  • Follow the expectations outlined in the Manual designed by Office Bearer of KCTAA.
  • Alumni chapter leadership must conduct at least two board member meetings per year

Alumni Chapter Reporting

  • Provide an up-to-date alumni chapter membership list by March 1 of each calendar year – Excel compatible format only – template
  • If chapter uses KCTAA Tax ID for their bank account – provide December bank statement and an “End of Year Balance Sheet” to your advisor by March 1 – template for balance sheet provided by KCTAA
  • Submission of Event Report with attendance list to Alumni Chapters staff two weeks after each event. The Event Report will be made available as an online and printable form.
  • Provide timely updates to OB of KCTAA about any changes in board members’ assignments.

Alumni Community Engagement

  • Hold at least one event per quarter for all alumni in area/interest. These four events (annually) should fulfill at least three of the different Services to KCTAA that are outlined in the Alumni Chapters Manual.
  • Chapter must maintain an up-to-date website (mandatory) and social media (if applicable).
  • Maintain regular communications with membership base – at minimum, one email per quarter associated with the event the chapter is hosting – this email can be the quarterly email blast that KCTAA provides to each chapter.
  • The Chapter agrees to actively promote KCTAA membership at their events, in their emails, and on their online communication channels (website/social).
  • At least 50 active alumni members of the chapter (who consistently attend meetings and events, volunteer, and/or correspond with the chapter regularly).
  • Co-sponsor KCT/Scholarship events and programs in your area (when appropriate and within means).

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