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Emerging Leaders Fel

Emerging Leaders Fellowship

Emerging Leaders Fellowship

Emerging leaders programme will enable young and high potential students in undergraduate pursuits/ non-formal educational setups to undergo a 5-day rigorous text reading seminar modelled on the widely acclaimed Aspen leadership model. Through the programme, 21 students will be exposed to reading inspirational texts, critical analysis and contemplative thinking. The programme will be facilitated and moderated by three of Aspen Ananta Fellows, who have been trained specifically for the purpose. The first of the Emerging Leaders Programme was held in 2017 in Wardha, Maharashtra, with 24 students whose thinking and perspectives visibly broadened. Kumaraguru institutions had the wonderful opportunity of hosting the programme in Coimbatore in 2018 and had 18 young minds from across the country. This year again it is a residential programme in KCT that will allow students to indulge in the experience of reading, dialogue and introspection with moderation. Moderators are the fellows of Anantha Aspen and co-moderated by the people trained by the fellows.

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