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Sathyagraha for Sust

Sathyagraha for Sustainability  - A Tribute to Mahatma

Sathyagraha for Sustainability - A Tribute to Mahatma

A Sathyagraha for Sustainability at Kumaraguru Institutions Kumaraguru Institutions has organized week-long events and programmes to pay tribute to the father of our nation on the 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. Kumaraguru Microcosm, a flagship of Kumaraguru Institutions is a seed to making a coexisting, inclusive and sustainable environment for the quality life of humans and all other living partners on the campus. Today, under the aegis of Kumaraguru Microcosm, around 300 students from Kumaraguru Institutions and 30 volunteers from various NGOs and Corporates in the region around the campus came together as a community to initiate the creation of a percolation pond that can harvest 32,00,000 liters of rain-water. With this percolation pond, Kumaraguru Campus will ensure that every single drop of rainwater that falls on the campus is harvested during rain. This percolation pond will benefit in ensuring groundwater recharge for all the neighboring residential areas. After the Shramdaan, volunteers felt extremely content and happy to have contributed their part to the society and look forward for more such opportunities.

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