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Silver Jubilee Celebrations, 1993-97

Silver Jubilee Celebrations, 1993-97

On Friday, 05 Aug 2022

"Just over two dozen years ago.." is the kind of starting fit for grand tales. The silver jubilee celebration brought forth many a stirring tales indeed. Right from the stairs of the tall Admin they began. As one after other rushed to a smiling friend now real instead of the usual reminiscent memory. Past the cake cutting and in the seminar hall the stories flowed. Names called up to the stage, who then stood part awkwardly brandishing the occasional discreet wave. Out the podium incredible tales of transformation, of development, of nostalgia. Pausing a moment to honor those who could not be, the celebrations end with mementos and a picture in the staircase that led to their glory. A symbol to our success, a testament to our values, a mark on the miles we've gone; the Silver Jubilee of the 10th batch of KCT.

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